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I am new grad nurse and new to the St.Louis area. I just passed NCLEX!! YAY I have been on several times for advice but never posted anything. I would like to thank everyone on here for all of the post and hopefully... Read More

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    Hi dreamingofbeing,
    were you in a medical fellowship or a nursing fellowship. I am looking for any information that I can regarding the nursing program if they have one for new grads

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    I was just hired at Mercy and will begin a fellowship in Critical Care next month. That I am aware of they only offer fellowships for new nurses. I know they have fellowships for critical care, L&D and I think med/surg. You will not find a fellowship opening on their career website. You have to apply for the position you are interested in and then if you are offered a position in which a fellowship is offered then you will complete that. I was told that new nurses have to go through fellowships at the hospital so I would assume that if there isn't one specific to your unit then you would complete the med/surg one (not 100% sure though). I would recommend speaking with a nursing recruiter at the hospital to get more information about the area that you are interested in working.
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    Hi, I have been reading that website but just recently registered. How is it going or how did it go in medicine floor?
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    Hi, newexitednurse,
    How is it going or how did it go in medicine floor at Barnes-Jewish Hospital?
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    Hey Travkitty!

    Just signed up and was reading this topic... I will grad in Dec and just applied for BJC... was interested to know which floor you were talking about ...
    I tried to PM you but it won't let me since I haven't posted any topics??!

    Please write me back and let me know!
    Thank you!
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    Travkitty -

    I am graduating in Dec 12 - I am at BJC now on med floor... can you please tell me what floor you are talking about!?

    I am thinking of starting out there on med surg.

    Thanks much!
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    Hi Tstorm,

    I am really wanting to get into a fellowship at Mercy. I graduate in May ('13). With applying for the position, does the fellowship start for GN's awaiting NCLEX examination and licensure? Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated!
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    I am also looking for info on the Mercy fellowship/internship/residency for critical care. I graduate in May. Is there a specific start date for the fellowship? I know SSM has a "Futures" program that it puts it's new grad nurses through. You apply in January but the program doesn't start until a specific date in June. I was wondering Mercy has a similar program. Feel free to PM me. Thanks!

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