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I am on the waiting list at Flo and at Forest Park....looks like I may be able to get into Flo for the fall semester but Forest Park still not sure about (either Fall 09 or Spring 2010 for Forest... Read More

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    Ya got my letter but i am number 332 on the list.
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    I am attending Florissant Valley Aug 2011. Can anyone tell me if this a good school? How is the first year of nursing?
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    I graduated from meramec this past December. I would have choose forest park before flo valley. They only graduate about 15-20 people a semester. I've had people in my class from flo valley transfer into meramec and heard not so good things about them.
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    or they might graduate 15-20 people a year I can't remember
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    STL2008- hi, I was just wondering how did you like Meramec? I was accepted into forest park and Meramec's program starting in Jan and I am having a hard time deciding which school to attend. Thanks.