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I am on the waiting list at Flo and at Forest Park....looks like I may be able to get into Flo for the fall semester but Forest Park still not sure about (either Fall 09 or Spring 2010 for Forest Park). For all of you who went... Read More

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    I just wanted to ask how long was your wait? I am getting ready to go and get on the wait list this week but so excited and wanted to know. thanks

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    I found out the wait list at Meremac is 2 years, Flo Valley and FP - 1.5 years. Too long for me!
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    I put my name on the list at FP and Meremac back in July of 2009. I just got my acceptance letter for FP this past month for spring 2011. I think the wait will be worth if now that I realize the amount of money I am saving. I think the wait list may be longer than that now though. I heard on another post that one girl just got her letter from FP and she was number 300 and something. I only started out at 221 at forest park. Who knows put your name on all of them and see what happens! If you try hard enoguh you can succeed at any nursing school!
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    Ya got my letter but i am number 332 on the list.
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    I am attending Florissant Valley Aug 2011. Can anyone tell me if this a good school? How is the first year of nursing?
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    I graduated from meramec this past December. I would have choose forest park before flo valley. They only graduate about 15-20 people a semester. I've had people in my class from flo valley transfer into meramec and heard not so good things about them.
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    or they might graduate 15-20 people a year I can't remember
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    STL2008- hi, I was just wondering how did you like Meramec? I was accepted into forest park and Meramec's program starting in Jan and I am having a hard time deciding which school to attend. Thanks.

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