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Would it be insane to think about being a new grad in the ER at Childrens. Do they even except new grads? Any thoughts thanks:typing... Read More

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    Quote from luvs2readlots
    Oh...just thought of something friend that got hired in the NICU was told that they had 150 applications for each position open in the NICU last semester at Children's. So apply early was her advice!
    Oh she may have gotten the position that I applied for. Darn I wish they would have called me sooner. And I am also an ASN but have a lot of years of BJC experience. So no they do hire ASN's and in fact 4 of my classmates were hired there with their ASN's and are encouraged to get their BSN's and can use tuition assistance to help with that.

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    Just finished a clinical at Children's and the nurse recruiter gave us tips on how to get hired there, especially NICU (most competitive area):
    -previous tech/student nurse experience, preferably in a children's area AND/OR volunteering in a NICU
    -internship experience
    -shadowing experience in the NICU (or whatever area you desire there)
    Most important I think was that the applicant showed a genuine interest in NICU through some kind of prior experience

    She also mentioned "well roundedness" and good academics were also additional criteria. She also said the same thing about there being 150 applicants for NICU.
    (I am not interested in peds, or else I think I might not be willing to share this with others)
  3. 0 keep reminding me of things...they also told us that it was imperative to have a good recommendation from your pediatric clinical instructor. IT also seems to have helped to do your fourth semester preceptorship there. Everyone I know who has gotten hired there that has been the case. Good luck to anyone applying there!
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    I know this is a late response to the OP, but I know for a fact that SLCH will not take new grads into the ED unless you have ED tech experience or you are a paramedic. I'm sure there are 'who you know' exceptions, but I asked a recruiter and this is what I was told. Most of my friends who really wanted to work at SLCH ende up getting jobs at Cardinal Glennon as there was more available.

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