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    just a friendly reminder............

    please do not post names of instructors on the public board. we ask that everyone follow tos (terms of service) which are a set of guidelines and rules for everyone to follow. part of the tos states:

    no potentially libelous information about specific schools, instructors, or health care facilities/entities should be posted in these forums. while it is important to be able to network, everyone should be mindful of the following:

    1. it is a small world - when we narrow it down to a state and throw in some personal info, there is actually a pretty good chance someone may recognize you if you are not careful. your privacy is paramount to us.
    2. while is a wonderful place to vent (without excess personally identifiable details) it is not the place to express why ("x" specific person, place or program) is terrible. gripe away, but since we cannot permit allegations to be made about named entities, your care in not naming them is very much appreciated.
    3. please do not give out personal information about others. do not name names where anyone could identify the person in any facility including your nursing programs.
    some of the posts in this thread have been edited by removing instructors' names.

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    I don't know how long it takes for them to notify you... I'm going to apply in Aug. for the early admit. They tell you pretty early if you apply early, but you have to pay to hold your seat. I think otherwise they tell you in like late march or april.
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    I can try to send a private message after I have posted 10 messages...It hink that's how it works
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    You can send/receive pm's after posting 15 times. Since you are above that number, you should be able to pm.

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