Practical Nursing @ Virginia College

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    Have anyone took the practical nursing class?

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    Do they offer an LPN program?
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    i saw the advertisements on tv for the lpn program at virginia college! the first class starts june 29 i believe........
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    Kinda scared at how much that will cost.

    Are you applying?
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    that's what i am scared of too!! i know they can be kind of expensive! i've thought about it, but i'm going to speak to one of their admissions people first so i can know exactly what i would be getting myself into!
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    Please let me know what it's all about =)
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    Is it approved my MS Board of Nursing?
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    I went an took Accuplacer Test but realizes I have been out of school to long, need to re-look over my basic..........I was very disappointed in myself I was very nervous and wanted this real bad.
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    I am actually in the LPN program at virginia college right now. If ya'll have any questions please feel free to ask me. :heartbeat
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    Hey! How is the program going???? What are the pre-reqs you had to have to get in the program???? If you could respond and let me know I would :heartbeat it!

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