New Grad RN needing job

  1. I just recently moved to the Biloxi, MS, area and I have applied to 100+ jobs and still have no call backs. Is anyone else having the same problem? Any suggestions what I can do to better my chances of getting a call back? I want a job!
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  3. by   bdiane
    Hello Biloxi! I am in Mobile, and I graduated two years ago. I do not have a job yet. I have applied in Al, Ms, and La, and nothing. I do not get it, but I am in the same boat. (along with many others.) I do wish you the best of luck.
  4. by   CocoChanel
    Hey there. I live on the coast and I know what you're going through. I was in the same boat when I graduated over 2 years ago. It took me over a year before I was finally able to find a job. Now that I have 1+ years of experience, I still find it difficult now that I'm looking for something new. My only advice is to hang in there and be persistent. Make yourself known to the nurse recruiters. Even if they seem a little annoyed, they'll remember your persistence (that's what a recruiter told me one time). Also, try volunteering. There are a couple of free clinics down here that would love to have an RN volunteer. That's what I ended up doing while I was looking for a job. It gives you a chance to learn skills as well as network with others (sometimes it's about who you know rather than what you know). It also shows that you were make use of your time while looking for work. Good luck to you. Feel free to PM me.