1. Hello all, i was just curious about the wait time to take the NCLEX test.

    How long does it usually take from the moment the school sends your paperwork to the State board of nursing, to informing you about the test dates.

    Also, is there a waiting list to take the NCLEX, and what sites do they offer the exam (are there any in Hattiesburg)

    Thanks for all your help

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  3. by   lvnhopeful
    Hello Br1an,

    You can speed the process by registering and paying for your testing fees on the Pearsonvue website. That said, some states allow you to pay Pearson a small fee to find out about the results of the test and some don't. I am not from Mississippi and so don't know how your state is. You can find out by going to your board of nursing. Also, are you a RN or LPN student?

    Check with your school and see if they sent out the packet with your information to the board and what the date is. Some schools are faster than others. It usually takes 4-8 weeks here in California.

    Hang in there and keep studying. Wish I could give you more information.

    Good luck! You will be a great nurse!
  4. by   HappyBunnyNurse
    I graduated from UMC in August. We filled out our paper work for the Board of Nursing at school and I sent in my application to Pearsonvue a few weeks before graduation. I graduated August 1st and got my authorization to test about two weeks after graduation. I took my test September 15th. It all depends on how fast your school sends your grades. I think it takes more time in May because that is a big gradution time. I tested in Jackson; I'm pretty sure there isn't a center in south Mississippi. After I took my test I found out that I had passed in about 48 hours by doing a Nurse Search on the Mississippi Board of Nursing website.