Mississippi NCLEX Exam Results taking forever!!

  1. Hi everyone! Well...I took my NCLEX exam last Thursday (May 3) at 8am. The first time I took it I had all 265 questions. This time I only had 75. Well of course when I left the testing center I was willing to bet my life I had failed again because nothing I did in the two months of extra studying prepared me for those awful questions!! I've never seen half that stuff before (go figure)!! Well my best friend was in the same situation as me (2nd time test taker) and we took it together. When we got home that evening, we both checked PearsonVue (which by 4:30pm the status said delivered) to do the trick and it wouldn't let us go to the credit card page (which it did when we failed the first time) . So of course, we are almost pretty sure that we passed...unless we were meant to be the two to disprove this trick ! This Monday was Labor Day which I'm sure backed everything up at the Mississippi BON. But my goodness!!!! Now I'm going on the 4th business day (7th actual day) and still no word. The problem I'm having is that everyone from my graduating class whose already taken and passed the exam had their results within 2-3 actual days. Has anyone else from Mississippi recently (last couple of months) had to wait this long?? I called the MS BON today...had to leave a message (of course)...and a lady returned my call who couldn't tell me anything except that it takes "5 to 7 business days"...blah blah blah !! I'm going crazy waiting! I already have a job promised to me but I've been out of work for 3 weeks now and the waiting is killing me! I know that patience is a virtue but it's the main one I'm lacking!!
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    Update....I passed!!! It came up this morning!!! I guess it was because of the holiday!! That was torture...but totally worth the wait!!!
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    I know this is how you feel! Congrats!

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