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LPN new to North Mississippi

  1. 0 Hello there. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to Ms and have settled in Fulton Ms. Currently, I am waiting for my temporary permit to come in the mail. I graduated nursing school in July, 2008 so I do not have much experience yet. My california job had me working as a charge nurse in ltc on NOC's taking care of about 50 patients a night. Mississippi is where my daughter lives so I came out here to be with my family. People here have been very nice and polite, I like it

    I have a few questions which I hope someone will take the time to answer, and if not, well, we are nurses and busy

    North Mississippi Medical is currently hiring. They have just come out of a hiring freeze from what I've heard. On the application form it asks what I'd like for a salary. I have no idea what the current pay scale is in this state, anyone have an answer?

    Local snf units are taking my applications and I was wondering, what is the usual ratio of nurses to patients?

    I would like to meet some lpn's in the area and offer my support and friendship. Thanks for listening and reading :wink2:
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    I'm not sure about the Tupelo/ Fulton area, but in the Oxford/ Batesville/ Grenada area; the payscale at hospitals is between $12 to $14 per hour for LPNs. In LTC it's between $14 to $18. At my LTC there are 4 LPNs at night and we have different patient loads. Mine is 25 (trach hall), the others have 30 to 38. I think the most that I've seen at LTC while working agency was about 40. That was in the Oxford area. I work the Baylor program and HIGHLY recommend it. I work two 12 hour shifts per week and I make WAY more than $18/ hour. Hope this helps. Welcome to MS, hope you enjoy it. I've been thinking about moving over to your area myself. How is it?
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    Thanks for the response NurseTisha. It gives me a little more information to work on.

    What is the Baylor Program? I've never heard of it.
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    I work 24 hours a week and get paid 1 1/2 X base pay. Other places offer -work 24, get paid for 36. Some offer benefits, mine does not.
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    Thanks for letting me know Nursetisha05. So, I guess the Baylor program is something like the 20/20 program in California where you work 20 hours, get paid for 40, and have to sign a contract stating that you will commit to a certain period of time to repay the money.
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    Wow! The 20/20 sounds good. Some require contracts, I think that those are the ones with benefits. I just work an hourly schedule on the weekends, no contract. It's nice because if I get sick or have to call in, I still get the same hourly rate.
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    THAT sounds wonderful in itself. I think the 20/20 program involved being there for all 20 hours each week. Don't know about the benefits, the place I worked never offered it. I will be looking for the Baylor program when I apply.
    Thanks for the information.