how long for nclex results?

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    anyone know how long it takes to receive nclex results in ms? took mine on wednesday...

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    I took mine on Wednesday too in Mobile and I have been going crazy since. I called BON today and was told the woman that handles posting new RN's to the website is out until Monday, so that is the soonest we would find out. Let's just hope that it will happen no later. I am really scared, mine cut off at 120 and I am pretty sure I missed the last question, I left convinced that I failed, but we will see..........
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    Jaadin, did you take yours in alabama or miss?
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    I took the test in Mobile, AL for a MS license.....does that make sense?
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    I took boards on a Thursday, by Friday I was able to find my license number via the "nurse licensure check" option on the BON website.

    I didn't actually get my paper/print license in the mail until last week (I took boards in May).
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    yes it does. Good luck to you as well.
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    48 hrs if they decide to post but it varies could be days or even wks
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    I took my boards on Wed. Jan.17th and my computer cut off at 105 and I have not heard anything from them yet....I hope that I passed, I am so nervous...............
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    Hi I took my nclex-pn on May 23,2007 and i am about to lose my mind waiting for the results. I have checked the website everyday and have not seen nothing. All it says is that there is no record of this person and to check info and try again, is that what it is suppose to say? Will i find out on-line before i find out in the mail?
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    how did you use the nurse search

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