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anyone know how long it takes to receive nclex results in ms? took mine on wednesday...... Read More

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    Has anyone taken the NCLEX-PN for Mississippi lately? If so, how long did it take to get your results?

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    You wouldn't happen to be the girl that came to the Rankin campus today?

    I've heard you can try and put your social security number into the MS boards to check for a license and then there's the personvue trick that they talk about in the NCLEX disscussion.
    Good luck and Congratulations..
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    No that wasn't me. Did the girl from Rankin say that her test results were taking a long time to come in? I'm trying to figure out how long it takes. It's been a week and I still haven't heard anything and of course they won't tell you anything. Waiting for the results is worse than the test!
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    Unfortunantely she didn't say anything about that. Did you try going to the MS board site and checking for a license for you? I would say that would be your best bet.
    I know taking the test is horrible but waiting for the results is even worse..

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