How long does it take to be accepted to NWMCC Nursing ADN Program?

  1. Hi all!

    I have missed the window to apply for the Spring, 2010 Nursing Program, but have until March 1 to apply for the Fall, 2010 classes. I am 42 and have never taken an ACT or attended college other than a junior college that closed its doors (dropped out at 20ish pregnant).

    Anyway, I am curious as to how many of your were accepted the first time you applied and what your ACT, high school GPA and TEAS (I believe that is now what they are giving at Northwest for nursing program entrance exam) scores were.

    I have been a medical transcriptionist for 10 years now, so I have some A&P and medical terminology under my belt that should help once I start taking classes HOPEFULLY!

    Also, it says you have to take 12 hours per semester, so trying to break down what I want to take this spring.

    My thinking is I have spring and summer semesters (if I am accepted for the fall) to get some of the correquisites out of the way. I will have to wait and take the regular college entrance exam to see if I need some remedial math or English, but assuming all I have to take is what is listed on the 2-year ADN program, what would you recommend be taken versus what is the lighter load work that can be saved to take along with the NRS classes each semester.

    I think I read that the Microbiology & Lab were tough and it would be something I would want to get out of the way.

    I am just not sure if I want to take a full 12 hours this spring or just a few classes to warm up to it!

    Humanities Elective?? Music appreciation or Art maybe?

    Also, one more thing. Which classes would be better if taken at the campus versus online?

    A&P I and II are both available online, but the labs are at the campus.
    Computer Concepts
    College Algebra
    Eng. Comp.
    Human Growth and Development
    Public Speaking
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    I should have said this is Northwest in Senatobia/Southaven.
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    Hi there. I was accepted the first time I applied. I had to take the residual ACT offered by NWCC and got a 23. You need a 19 to get in. I had a 71% and 67% on the NET. I didn't have any transferrable credits and had already been an LPN since 2000. I would tell you to do whatever can to take calsses before nursing school if you plan to get your BSN. I am in the last semester and it's been a rocky road. I have take most of my classes online, that I can. I have very good grades in them as well. I have taken all your courses you listed online. The RN program is through Senatobia and the LPN is through the DeSoto campus.
    There are lots of hours and extra days they don't tell you about. I was caught off guard and had to eventually quit my job, although many have done it working full time. I also had a baby first semester. It can be done. It works if you work it!
    Good luck to you, and remember to study every minute you have.

    I forgot to tell you. I started in August of 2007 with the process and was accepted for Jan 2008 by October 2007. They are building a new nursing building. It should eventually hold 400 students where they only have around 200 now. There were 70 accepted with my calss and 40ish still remain.