Holmes or MDCC Acceptance Letters 2012

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    I am currently waiting very anxious for these letters to come in the mail.. I know of people who have received their re-acceptance letters for MDCC in the middle of April.. Why does this process take so long to get here..
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    I know! There are several schools in the area that have already had orientation and Holmes hasn't even sent out acceptance letters yet. I emailed the Nursing Admin secretary to see if letters had gone out yet, but I haven't had a reply yet. I hope it's soon!
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    Which Holmes location did you apply to?
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    Grenada campus
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    Ok. I applied at Ridgeland. I emailed the Admin secretary in February and she said that letters would go out the end of April/first of May. I emailed her today asking if they had been sent yet and she said they would not go out until the END OF MAY. So, at least we know there is still hope!
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    I was told mid May for Grenada campus. I know MDCC is also mid May. There orientation is May 17th.
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    I'm currently in the ADN program at Holmes in Ridgeland. I received mine April 27th of last year, if that helps.
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    Still no Letters.... Anyone heard anything????
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    Moved to MS Nursing Programs.
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    I have heard that students are already coming in at the Ridgeland campus with their acceptance letters. I hope y'all hear something soon.

    For those that will be starting in the Fall at Ridgeland, the second year students are hoping to get together with y'all sometime this summer for a meet and greet and hoping to give you some direction. We were lost last year and wished we had had someone to tell us what to expect. So, if you're interested, let us know. We'd be glad to help. We were once in your shoes.

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