Holmes Acceptance Letters 2013 - page 2

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Has anyone received their acceptance letter from Holmes? I am patiently waiting to hear. I applied at the Ridgeland Campus. Any prior students that could give some insight on how they select i.e. typical ACT score and GPA the... Read More

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    I called Tuesday morning and they told me I was accepted.
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    Hi! I've just been accepted for Spring 14 Hinds ADN program. Can you tell me a little more about your first semester and any good study tips, class schedule, etc. Thanks so much!
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    Quote from livRN2012
    I had a 30 ACT and a 3.5ish GPA, as well as the majority if prereqs
    Hi I have to retake my ACT to get into southwest community college and I was wondering what did you study to get that high score?