Anyone Been To Mdcc Or Recently Been Accepted? Anyone Been To Mdcc Or Recently Been Accepted? | allnurses

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Anyone Been To Mdcc Or Recently Been Accepted?

  1. 0 I Got Accepted At Alcorn University Bsn & Adn, And Mdcc Adn

    & Lpn. After Much Prayer And Thought, I Decided To Go To


    For More Reasons Than One. Has Anyone Had Experience With

    Them Or Entering Fall 2007?
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    I know this is old but I was wondering if you indeed decided to go with mdcc. And if you did how is it?
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    I did indeed go to MDCC and I just graduated in May and work in the ER, I think it is as great program, difficult like any other. Our pass rate was 98%, we had one student to fail first time. What i like about it most it in comparision to other schools is that clinicals is not a grade. you would have to show incompetence to fail and you are really given to the room to grow as opposed to being treated like a you're in hospital bootcamp.I'm very happy with my selection and if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask
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    Thanks shmwash,

    Yes I actually do have questions 1) where did you take clinicals and regular lecture --on the regular campus or another site, 2) how are the gpa and act scores ranked, if you dont mind me asking what was you gpa and act score like?
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    Clinicals are taken at hospitals in the Delta....Clarksdale, Greenwood, Cleveland, Indianola, classes are taken on the main campus only, they rank GPA, ACT, and the CNET score, My GPA was like 3.2, ACT 24, sorry it took so long to reply...
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