Anybody here who will start the RN program at NWCC MS Spring 2010?

  1. Hi everybody, I recently found out that I got accpeted into the RN program at NWCC in MS (Spring 2010). I just wanted to find out who else will be there?!
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  3. by   mommy_nrs2b
    Quote from German_girl
    Hi everybody, I recently found out that I got accpeted into the RN program at NWCC in MS (Spring 2010). I just wanted to find out who else will be there?!

    Congratulations on your acceptance! Do you mind me asking what your ACT and NET scores were? I'm trying to find out if I'm even close to being competetive.

  4. by   German_girl
    My ACT was a 22 and On the TEAS I had a 82.5 on the reading part, and a 82.1 on the math part, and I have a 4.0 GPA. They don`t give the Net anymore, instead you`ll have to take the TEAS. Did it help?
  5. by   mommy_nrs2b
    Yes! That does help! I've considered re-taking my ACT to try and get a higher score (I have a 22 also.) I've taken the NET before @ SWCC when I was going to try to do nursing school at night and stay at my current job. Anyway, I did pretty decent on that as well so I'm thinking I might actually have a shot at this!!! Thank you!!
  6. by   7out_to_nursing
    I am hoping for the Fall. I have a partial schlorship for getting my GED. I just took the ACT and got a 19. I took it years ago and got a 15 . So i am currently studying for the ACT, TEAS and the NET just in case. Can you tell me if the TEAS was just english and math? I did awesome on the reading part of my ACT got a 25.. but the math for me is a killer I have a metal block with everything algebra lol....:imbar I am retaking the ACT feb 6th I will have to have all papers in by march 1st for both so we will see ...
  7. by   German_girl
    Yes, just reading and math. Math is pretty basic. I thought that the TEAS was easier than the ACT. But that`s just me. I hope you`ll make it in. I just found out that I am pregnant. so I get one blessing after another. Wish you luck!!!!!
  8. by   mommy_nrs2b
    Congratulations, German Girl! G/L with your start next month. Keep us posted on classes and anything you think might be helpful!

  9. by   Carolsphere
    Hi and Congratulations.

    I applied this fall and did not get accepted. I need to take the ACT. I'm starting with some pre-reqs A&P I, and some other classes at the NWCC Southaven campus. How long did it take before you were accepted.
  10. by   German_girl
    I started with my pre regs in Jan. 2009, and applied fall`09 for spring`10 and was lucky enough to get in. So, that was my first try!
  11. by   mommy_nrs2b
    What classes did you take for pre-reqs? NWCC requires you to take 12 hours/semester, no exceptions, right? I don't want to take too many classes before I get into the nursing program because I don't want to end up paying for a lot of extra classes which won't help nor hinder me from graduating. Has anyone given you an idea of what your day-to-day schedule will be like? I've heard to expect to be in clinicals all day (until around 5) on Tuesdays and Thursdays but Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays classes are only about 4 to 5 hours.