Any recently accepted Northwest Mississippi aka NWCC out there - page 2

Hi there, NWCC recently accepted students...Will you please share with us wannabee's on how the point system works... (i.e. how many points can you get for each category or whatever info you can... Read More

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    Yes it said something along the lines of letting them know by march 23,2012 ... But not really sure what that means.

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    My letter wasn't good either the people that got in must have really high scores on everything! are y'all going to try for LPN?
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    or any other program NWCC offers? or try for Spring 2013
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    I, too, am waiting for my letter! I haven't received anything yet. I know that points are given for ACT score, GPA, and TEAS, but what is a competitive score? How many points are given for each? Any ideas?
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    They accepted people with 13 point or above and I was told I had 12.
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    Hi annae2012 I spoke to someone that actually does the evaluating of the files and she told me that you can get up to six pts. I'm confused. I believe there is alot of miscommunication going on. I bombarded her with questions that she couldn't answer. I have a degree and she told me you get 2 points for that and I still didnt get in come on now...really? Just need to vent
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    Hmm well I emailed the contact on the letter and that's who gave me my info so I dunno I'm very upset st the fact that I missed it by 1 point.
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    I emailed the contact also but i have not gotten a reply. Are y'all trying for Spring? Or LPN?
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    Hi CgMoM09, Yes, I asked to be reconsidered for the spring she said she would put my name on the list.
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    oh ok. I am thinking about maybe trying for LPN b/c they do give consideration for LPN's. I don't know if its worth it though.

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