Any new LPN students that attend HINDS

  1. I've just applied for the LPN course at hinds and the RN course. I was told by the counselor of the LPN program that the waitng list is like a year long (for the LPN option). I was just wondering if anyone had to wait that long or if anyone is on the waiting list and how long you've been on it.

    Thanks a bunch
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  3. by   crystalclear
    I applied for RN and found out I had to take my sciences over so I applied for the LPN program in Nov. 03. Received a phone call in March 04. I was not at home my sister took the call. She said a lady from Hinds called to see if I was still interested in the program.(She told the lady that I was). I called NAHC but I was told that no one from there called me. I thought my sister was joking but she was persistant that I got a call. I was told by A nurse at my job to call Vicksburg campus and sure enough, I was told that the lady that called would be out until Monday. I received my acceptance letter in April 04. So Fill out another application and put Vicksburg campus for you location(If you are willing to drive). That way you can attend either campus b/c allied didn't see to have any idea about vicksburg calling me???? Actually the person I talked to at Allied told me I was on a long waitng list. Check it out.
  4. by   NANCY1982
    Yea I know, NAHC doesn't seem to have a clue. I went there last week to register for regular classes (and to ask about the lpn and adn course and waiting list) and no one seemed to know anything or what protocol was. Vicksburg is too long of a drive though, I have 3 little ones and my husband is the only one working as it is, and with gas high as it is, I just wouldn't be able to. I'm thinking of submitting my application to Holmes in Ridgeland. I've taken all my pre-req's for the adn program and most of the gen. ed. courses in the adn course and I'm just sitting here waiting, waiting and waiting.

    Thanks a bunch for the info
  5. by   crystalclear
    I live in Yazoo and it was a very hard year for me. I have one son and he was 2.5 when I started. You have to have a strong support system because it is a very demanding program. It felt like it wasn't enough hours in a day and that my son was being neglected by me. I was determined to finish. I had to leave him many mornings crying, or sick with my sister or grandmother. I felt that it was in his best interest. Applying at Ridgeland is a good idea. You want to keep all your options open, b/c once you finish it's money in the bank and it's flexible.
  6. by   potentialnurse
    What's the going LPN pay?
  7. by   NANCY1982
    I'm not sure, but I think it's in the area of $9 hrly and I've heard that it increases if you're working in a nursing home setting.
  8. by   shyra001
    Has anyone applied at the rankin campus. I am currently in the program and yes it is a very demanding program. I have a 14 year old and a 3 year old. I feel like my 14 year old is raising himself. I feel bad but I have to finish. I am 32 and I graduate in December. I hope I make it. This semester is going to be pure Hell.:angryfire

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