What are my chances at Mayo?

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    My name is Stephanie and I am currently a student at Washington State University. I will be graduating in December and have started to apply for jobs at the Mayo Clinic. I would love to talk to anyone who currently works there just for general questions. I know I titled this post "what are my chances" but really even if the chance is slim I'm still going to apply hehe because hey even a small chance is a chance and Mayo Clinic has been a dream of mine for a long time

    I am a non-traditional student, a military Veteran, and I will be graduating Summa Cum Laude with a clinical emphasis on critical care
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  3. by   Sinman
    /bump any thoughts? opinions? love? hate?
  4. by   gatoreyendo
    I currently am a student and I work part time at Mayo in Rochester. I can only speak for the main campus, because I am not familiar with FL or AZ at all. Mayo actually does hire a decent number of new grads, but you have to keep applying. I know people who literally applied for years and finally got in. There are tons of people who apply for RN positions, but eventually yours will be at the top of someone's pile. If your school has a career counselor, go and ask for help on your resume and cover letter. Since they do everything online now, the computers will literally filter out your application if it doesn't have the right key words on it. I have plenty of anecdotal evidence, since I have several friends that work in various positions around mayo (including RNs and HR) that supports this. My friend had a counselor edit his resume, and he literally got called on his next application. Basically, just keep on trying is my advice. It took me about 3 months to get hired into entry level (which is also very competitive) but again, for others it can take years. Don't be discouraged, and take whatever they offer, because they strongly support moving positions within Mayo. Once you're in, you're in for life!
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    Any idea what those keywords are? I have my resume and cover letter being reviewed right now, It was actually an assignment for our Professional Development class.

    I am only going to be applying for the Rochester campus. Arizona has one of THE worst special education programs in the country and I have two children who are Autistic. Jacksonville is well...Florida and I grew up in the south and have no real desire to return

    I am pretty much applying for anything that is open to new grads and though I have received 3 "rejection" notices one was personalized and said they like my background and experience but were going in a "different direction". I figure that means they need someone sooner than I would be available. If I keep applying maybe they'll give me a job to shut me up LOL.

    My biggest concern is that living in WA I have almost no way to network to improve my chances
  6. by   siRNita
    I assume you are getting your BSN? Then I think you'll have pretty good chances. There are people from all over up here and they really like BSNs. Not sure about ICU but probably PCU and almost certainly med-surg. Just keep applying. They do phone interviews. You can use LinkedIn to connect with people. Also if you can get to any job fairs and connect with a recruiter or HR person, that can help. As far as keywords... whatever words they put in the job posting, plus look at the core values and try to include them. They are all about "hire for attitude train for skill" so get your great attitude across. It's totally worth the work... Mayo and Rochester are great.
  7. by   Sinman
    Yes I am getting my BSN...I will have to try the linkedin and see how that goes thank you for the idea. Although I would like to work in an ICU I really like just about every type of nursing I have tried in clinicals so I have been applying for pretty much everything.
  8. by   djuan
    Heard Mayo just went on a hiring freeze for RN's Hopefully you got an interview set up before they pulled the postings!
  9. by   Sinman
    hmmm I have application being reviewed but I haven't seen any job postings in a week and have heard nothing from the applications I already have in. Well I will just have to keep plugging. Thanks for the info!!
  10. by   Sinman
    I think the hiring freeze is over. They have started posting openings for RN's again. Hopefully I'll get an interview soon
  11. by   RNerd81
    I am a nurse in the medical cardiac ICU and I did hear that the hiring pause is lifted. It sounds like you have a great background. My only advice is perseverance. I have not heard of any automated programs for weeding out applications, but I don't work in HR. Recently managers were told to fill all of their available positions...so who knows what's actually happening with hiring. I wish you the best of luck.
  12. by   sephilli88
    Have you heard anything back yet from Mayo?
    I also wanted to ask you, since you are in Washington, did you take the NCLEX in Washington? If so, how does that work if you get offered a job in Minnesota. Do you just apply for a license there or do you have to take the boards over? I don't think MN is a compact state, so I'm not exactly sure how it works with obtaining your license there. I'm originally from the midwest but I'm going to school out in Connecticut so I'm hoping it won't be too difficult to transfer back once I'm done with school.
  13. by   Sinman
    I took the NCLEX in Washington and have my license there. Neither MN or WA are compact states sadly but the process to transfer is pretty straight forward you pay the fee and fill out the application and then once the new state receives all the information from the old state they grant your license no need to retake the boards. They really need to go to a nation wide license and hopefully that will happen some day.

    On the job front I have not heard anything from Mayo but I haven't given up and continue to apply so we will see what happens
  14. by   MayoBSN
    It appears Mayo is hiring again. They just posted a whole bunch of job postings up online.

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