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I am looking into taking prerequisites for nursing school and applying for school for next fall. Where is a good school to take prerequisites? Any online coursework acceptable? Also, I am looking at the U of M's Master of... Read More

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    Thanks for your input kmarie! I applied to St. Kates for the fall and they say I will hear in July. I am so anxious to find out! I have not taken any prereqs because the admission application says that St. Kate's prefers to have applicants take their prereqs there. Did you find that a lot of your classmates had their prereqs already complete, or did most spend the first year finishing them? I don't want to waste this summer not taking prereqs if in the event I don't get into St. Kates, I can be prepared to apply elsewhere. Thoughts to those familiar with St. Kate's program?

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    I believe that once you're accepted they want you to take your pre-reqs there. I'm not really sure about taking them during the summer before you find out if you're accepted or not.

    What pre-reqs people had to take depended on what their previous degree was in. I don't think there was anyone who didn't have to take any pre-reqs. It took me a year and a half to do the pre-reqs, but I was only taking 1 or 2 at a time. I had to take anatomy, physiology, chemistry, microbiology, and nutrition. I already had taken psychology, sociology, and biomedical ethics whilst earning my first degree (I was double major in psychology and philosophy and decided to go to nursing school when I realized my degree was best for thinking deep thoughts about being unemployed). I couldn't really have done them any faster because you needed to take them in sequence (e.g. anatomy before physiology, chemisty before microbiology, etc.)
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    Thanks again for your input kmarie! I plan to take Psychology, Nutrition & Chemistry this summer. Hopefully, if accepted into the program, they will count for credit. I am torn between trying to shoot for one of the Masters programs at the U of M or MetroState (that way I will not have to spend the extra time/money to get my masters), however, I am in love with St. Kate's program and night/weekends scheduling. If you could do it over, would you do an accelerated Masters program instead, or do you feel like you need the experience before you go that route?
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    St. Kate's changed their transfer requirement for Chemistry this past fall, so double-check their website to ensure that your chemistry course will transfer. I found out that my MCTC chem class will not transfer anymore (it used to), and so now I have to re-take it. :P
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    Lola, you rock! Thank you so much for the info, I really appreciate it! I will definitely re-check the requirements. Sorry to hear that you have to take Chem over, however I am sure you will speed right through it having already taken it. Good luck and thanks again!

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