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Hi! I'm 31. I never went to college. Even though most would consider me to be a smart guy, I didn't possess the economic, or the ambitious resources to pursue higher education. I've worked in... Read More

  1. by   deleern
    [quote=Busia;3578373]It's sure nice to read of all the later-in-life students! I'm 32 as well, married with three young children, and am going back to school now! It feels very strange, and I feel SOOOO old when I go to the campus for anything (haven't started any classes yet) and see all the fresh-out-of-high school students!!!/quote]

    That may seem like the case. but you walk into your 1st nursing LPN class and it is a different story. I was 45 when i started my LPN and I was not the oldest. the oldest was 50. during my RN I was the oldest. but most of the class was in there late 30's to middle 40's.

    I would go for it. I graduated in 2007 as an RN and TODAY I am being interviewed for a DON position in LTC.