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Hey guys, Does anyone know if it's possible to just take the CNA Exam without completing the course? I've heard that it's possible to do at a Tech college, but I don't know if it would be a good idea. I feel like if I bought... Read More

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    Thanks for the congrats, bikelola!

    I am very happy to be done with that. However, my project for school is going a little slower than I had wished. I hope to be done by October.

    Good Luck in your CNA class. I agree that a more recent class should help with securing a CNA position. I wish you luck!!!!

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    Hey Bitter Sweet! I am scheduled to test out of my CNA on September 9th through MCTC. I was wondering if you had any tips for the test of the skills section??
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    Hi Live&Learn,

    For my test out, I read and re-read the candidate booklet and watched CNA youtube videos. I also practiced on my fiance'.

    However, I will say to remember KWIPE for every skill.

    K - knock on the door
    W - wash hands
    I - introduce yourself to the client
    P - provide privacy
    E - elevate bed/ explain procedure (but remember to lower the bed when done)

    Also, it helped me to say all the steps of the skill out loud as I was doing it. My evaluator didn't care and it helps them because sometimes they dont watch everything you do. So if you say it as you do it, then they know you're doing it.

    Hope that helps!

    Good luck on your test!
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    That's really great advice bitter_sweet. Even though I'm still taking the class again, I'm going to have to remember those tips!

    Lucky fiance.
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    I'm getting on board for this discussion late, but I am wondering the same thing as several other folks on here. I, too, live in Minnesota. I am taking pre-nursing courses through Minnesota West and plan to eventually go all the way through the RN program. The CNA course is around $750, which I do not have. However, I have worked in home-care as a PCA for over five years, and am still doing so. I have been told by several nurses that by now I have learned all I need to to pass the challenge test. The only thing I am not confident in is taking blood pressures. If I purchased a cuff and practiced, I think I would do fine with the challenge. I just don't know where to try to take the test. Can anyone tell me about testing areas in Southern Minnesota? How about purchasing a bp cuff? What is the easiest way to purchase one?

    Thanks to ya all....

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    I believe you take the same written and skills test as any other candidate whether or not they took the CNA course. If that's the case, blood pressure is not one of the skills you need to do anymore in order to pass. Written exam is mostly common sense, although there a few questions on there you would likely not know without taking the course. However, you can miss a few questions and still pass. You should read this handbook because all the step by step skills are listed in there. The step by step skills need to be done the way the book says, and we all know in real life, there might be more steps, less steps, different steps we take in taking care of people. But like I said, you need to do it the way the book says, otherwise you won't pass.
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    Thank you for the help - I will look on that link...

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