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Has anyone heard from UMN-BSN or Century college yet? I have been checking my mailbox everyday! Still heard nothing yet. How about everyone else?:confused:... Read More

  1. by   Need2bRN
    I have 10 years as a cna, 4.0 g.p.a, and just finishing up my a&p 2 and micro. I hope it's enough, but it is tough out there. It may not be enough for Fall, just hoping to get a # under 70!
  2. by   tarrah37
    Wow! Nice! Good luck with A&P2 and micro. Taking those together is tough! I did that last semester so just in time to have them done before Feb. 1st. I would think you would have a pretty good chance but like you said its tough. My gpa is not as good as yours, nor do I have that many hours for cna, the only thing I would have had you beat on is being done with all the prereq.'s. So I guess it really depends what they are really looking at but I would think you have a pretty darn good shot! Thanks for chatting with me and for all your info.!!! AND LET ME KNOW WHAT HAPPENS ON MONDAY!! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!!!
  3. by   Need2bRN
    Thanks I will let ya know!
  4. by   tarrah37