Anoka-Ramsey CC Nursing Program - page 2

I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about Anoka-Ramsey Cambridge or Coon rapids campus nursing program? I'm applying and wondering what my odds are? I don't have Anatomy and Physiology 2 completed... Read More

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    Congratulations bucketlist!! I'm in also...I know you'll see this over on the other topic as well, but I'm so excited I had to post it twice. I got in with a score of 12.87 I believe. Depending on the classes they went by, I had either a 4.0 or 3.5-ish (I got one B). TEAS score was 88.7.
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    did you find out about whether you got in??

    I got my acceptance letter on the 15th!
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    congrats!! Maybe we will cross paths

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