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The highest temperature you have seen and did they survive? How long can a person sustained a high core temp say at 105 or higher?;):rolleyes:... Read More

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    I had a patient last week that had a rectal temp of 106.7. She was in septic shock maxed on 4 pressors (levo, vaso, neo, dopamine). She survived, was extubated, and transferred to the floor 5 days ago. I went to visit her Saturday. She said she had blurred vision and appeared to have a flat affect.. But she is alive and talking...... Doesn’t remember anything which is good.

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    One of my patients at the moment is a nurse who works in a non-clinical area. She's hella sick and pretty disempowered, and I've been talking about highests and lowests - if I did know she wasn't clinical I could have guessed by her idea of what the highest blood sugar I've seen is (27mmol/L vs 108.2, or 486 vs 1947.6 in mg/dl).

    The highest temp I've seen is 43 (109.4F); her guess? 50C/122F! Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's well past Not COmpatible With Life!
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    Quote from momthenRN
    The highest temperature you have seen and did they survive? How long can a person sustained a high core temp say at 105 or higher?
    Former army medic here. The highest core temp I've ever seen was 109.1 F, at Fort Benning in August of 2010. We were following a road march in an ambulance and someone went down. He was incoherent and combative. When I checked his core temp on the side of the road, my handheld spat out an error message. We got him to the field hospital fast and our machine there (which has a bigger range) said his core was 109.1. Immediate ice burrito, and a frantic rush to the local hospital.

    Guy not only survived, but came back for training again during the winter course. Some people never learn. I figure if we had been seconds later he would have died or suffered brain damage. Guy got lucky as hell.

    I should also mention that he was an otherwise extremely fit and healthy male of 23
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    I had scarlet fever as a kid and ran a temp in the 104s. My son had a reaction to his first round of vacs with the pertussis in it. 104.5 with febrile seizures. Scary! His normal body temp has always been around 97.6 (oral) so that makes the 104.5 even scarier. That was his one and only pertussis vac.
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    Mid/High 41.0 (Celcius... in the US but our system uses Celcius kinda surprised more don't!). I take care of a lot of transplant and trauma patients. Closed head trauma is what comes to mind right now.. he lived but isn't "right"

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