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  1. I started my nursing career in ICU when I graduated from nursing school in 2006. I spent 51/2 years there and loved almost every minute of it. Then in 2011 I was diagnosed with brain cancer. Following a complete tumor resection I have been given a clean bill of health. I did have a seizure post op (after I had returned home from the hospital) and was put on Keppra, which was a huge set back. I couldn't think clearly, couldn't focus on more than one thing at a time so needless to say, couldn't return to ICU as soon as I had planned. When I was ready to return I found out that my position had been filled (my manager, who I had been in contact with the entire time I was off and who told me not to worry about my job, that it would be there whenever I was ready didn't tell me...had to hear it from someone in our benefits office) and I was left wondering what I was going to do. There was a part time position open on a general medical/oncology floor and so I took it. Fast forward to manager in ICU who has agreed to let me do a reorientation so I can float and pick up shifts in the ICU. Just finished my first couple of days and I miss it so much!!!! I miss my friends, I miss the sick patients, I miss the families of those sick patients(most of them anyway, just miss everything about it. The only thing open is a night shift position and I would have to go from working every third weekend to every other weekend if I change depts. and I am most definitely a day shift girl. Not looking for advice, just wanted to share. There is going to be a huge loss of staff on days due to people going back to school for advanced degrees, having surgery, traveling, etc...hoping that by getting my foot back in the door things will work out in my favor. Thanks for reading my lengthy post!
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  3. by   ICUNurseStat
    That really stinks! Management can be so shady sometimes. Fortunately you're getting your foot in the door and this new manager will see what an awesome ICU nurse you are. Hopefully working nights will turn out to be just short term. Congratulations on all that you've overcome!
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    The interim manager is actually one of my ICU colleagues and she is awesome!!