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I have a quick question. I recently started working in a busy 25 bed SICU that recovers aprox 1000 CABG's a year. I have previously worked in a CCU where a CABG was 1:1 for the first 6 hours, however at my new job a fresh CABG is... Read More

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    Quote from NickiLaughs
    Are these surgeons aware? I think they would even have a fit about their patients having this load. It's 1:1 the first 8 hours the two hospitals I worked at
    It's all about bed space. Early morning conference calls between all surgeons and charge nurse to move patients OUT if they want to get their new cases IN that day. It's a factory, it's all about $$$. Gotta crank 'em out. On some days you're lucky if your surgery wasn't canceled for lack of ICU space. Seriously.

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    at my hospital the LVAD are 2:1.
    fresh post op 1:1
    pt awaiting transfer to stepdown and 1 critical then 1:2
    Let your surgeons know about this as another post stated. They would not be happy. They can do something about it. Get the MD on your side
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    Are you serious? Fresh CABG's should always be 1:1....Your facility should be ashamed to have their nurse tied to another patient! Wow...don't think I'd be working there long, what a liability!

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