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Well hello everyone :) I am a new ICU nurse. I work in a small ICU in the middle of nowhere! I was originally scheduled to be on orientation for a total of 4-6 months in the ICU, and unfortunately, I was only on orientation... Read More

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    Hey there.

    Just hang in there - I went straight into ICU fresh out of varsity. It was quite rough, but there is always someone wiser and more experienced that you can ask for advice or assistance.

    Stick to the basics and don't be shy to ask for help.

    All the best:-)

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    Quote from Esme12
    icufaq' great resource. Yes everyone feel overwhelmed and it will take you drew the lab wrong....thank goodness you didn't treat that sugar. It takes about a year. Actually, it is harder in a small hospital because your resources are small. Take a deep breath and think it out before acting...have faith you'll get there......Good Luck!!!!
    Thanks for this link! I've been trying to prepare myself for my first ICU job...I am excited and nervous!!! I'm glad for this thread!!
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    Thanks everyone! I am slowly getting better! It is truly amazing the things I learn on a day to day basis!

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