Looking to Shadow an ICU Nurse

  1. Hello,
    I am a graduate nurse trying to gain exposure to the ICU. I have my RN license, but no job at the moment. I have been applying to a lot of places and was just turned down by UCLA due to not having enough exposure to the ICU in comparison to other candidates.

    I am trying to make myself more competitive because I really want to work in an ICU. I live in the Riverside, CA area, but I would be willing to pretty much drive anywhere within an hour or two from me (Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Torrance etc.)

    I would be willing to shadow any hours and any schedule. I just desperately need to gain some experience so I can hopefully get the next ICU RN job that I apply to. I am really flexible as to how much or little time you are willing to offer.

    I would appreciate any help or leads that you can offer. Or if you have any other recommendations for me, I would appreciate them.
    Thank you!