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Hi! I've never posted before but i've been following this site for many years and I want to say thank you for all of the great info! I love allnurses!So i've been externing in the ICU for 10months... Read More

  1. by   NewbieNurse78
    I'm a new grad who was hired right into the ICU and yes this is totally normal. You will begin to learn what things are relevant and what things you don't have to stress over. But the fact that you are stressing is a good sign it means you care about your job and I would rather work with a nurse like that then one that is blase about stuff.

    I suggest you use the resources around you. If you have a preceptor pick their brain like crazy, ask "why" whenever you get a chance. If you have doctors that like to chat ask them why, I had a great hospitalist who LOVED to teach, when I asked him why that was his eyes lit up. He actually pulled up a chair and sat with me and gave me a 30 minute long lesson, it was awesome. But ask ask ask! Don't be afraid of looking dumb, you're brand new and most nurses prefer a newbie who asks questions as opposed to one who doesn't.

    If your employer has resources use them! We have a Pharmacology app that tells you about compatibilty or drugs and all sorts of good stuff. I spend hours on that thing just playing around.

    Also, spend the money and become a member of the AACN, they send you tons of great articles and have resources that are SO helpful for a new nurse. Also check into continuing ed, the community college in my area does tons of great courses for con ed and one of them is a critical care course that is basically a primer for nurses who have zero experience heading into the CC world.

    Hope that helps and good luck, it's going to be a blast!
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