ICU RN's responsible for CRRT or CVVH - page 3

What do you think about ICU RN's being responsible for setting up, troubleshooting and maintaining CRRT devices? Do you do this in your ICU and if so, what is your staffing ratio? If there are not a... Read More

  1. by   Miniash
    In the SICU that I work at, which is 40 beds and pretty much 20 of them are all on CRRT, they have a dialysis tech on our unit 24-7. They are responsible for setting up the machine, trouble shooting any issues, and taking down the machine too. As nurses, all we do is record the values and treat the patient's physical issues (titrating meds when BP too low, etc). I have found it to be a very user friendly arrangement, and the techs are very knowledgable at educating the nurses about the machines.
  2. by   rnkumar
    In my place ICU nurse is responsible for setting up and trouble shooting CVVH,the HD nurse has no role in that.. CVVH is always 1:1