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ICU burnout?

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    I will be graduating in May as an RN. ICU is one of my interest. I'm not sure though if I would like to start off there or not. I don't want to get burned out as soon as I begin, so I've been told. Do you have any advice? Maybe personal history about what you did as a beginning nurse.

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    Hi krobertson,
    Don't worry so much about ICU burnout... as long as you got moral support from your collegues
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    I've worked ICU for about 2 yrs. It may just be me but I look
    forward to going to work everyday. I love it. I wouldn't want
    to work anywhere else. If you keep things in perspective and
    end up with good co-workers you'll won't burn out there any
    faster than anywhere else.
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    I really thought that the ICU was for me. I'm a new grad that started in the ICU also. My knees still shake when I walk onto the floor and I have been doing this job now for 9 months. I have learned alot!!!!! But I'm still not so sure that this is for me. I admire all the ICU nurses that love this area because this is a high stress and intense job....Although I think all areas of nursing has its own intensity of stress......Good Luck to you
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    I have been an ICU for 6 years. I did not come to the ICU straight out of Nursing school, but still had the jitters before I went into work for about my first six to nine months. My peers at work help each other make it through a difficult shift. We hire new grads in our unit. We call them "homegrown". Just remember there is never a stupid question, if you are unsure about anything and if a "seasoned" RN makes you feel bad about asking questions, then remind them not to eat their young. Good Luck with whatever you decide.

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