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I have been an ICU nurse for a little over a year and I recently made a switch from a 450 bed community hospital to a SICU in a large teaching hospital. At the community hospital, I felt like change... Read More

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    Does your unit use a kardex that is not apart of the medical record but stays with the patient while in the unit? We have one that is different than other ICU's and the intermediate level units, specific for our patient population. It normally speeds up report, but keeps it thorough.

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    I am with you on details!!!!! i have worked in a large 950 bed teaching hospital where I did my ICU training and also now at smaller hospitals, both types of hosp we give details, and you better know the dates for surgeries, labs, meds, dates of lines, etc. Don't give up your good habits to fit in, encourage them to rise higher!!!!
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    OMG you are my doppleganger!!!!!! smiles, you sound like an ICU nurse !!! this site is great , why i dint join it sooner i have no idea, finally a great place to read posts that are right up my alley! ty ty ty
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    Mr. Blah, 70 y/o M, NKA, full code, pt of Dr. Sues.
    Came in for blah, what's going on now that he is here. surgeries. complications. etc..
    PMH is blah


    that's my report. I'm quick but detailed. I prefer the physician's daily progress note over most nursing reports to be honest.

    ICU versus floor is totally different. When I'm floated to the floor I want only basics and abnormals.

    Teaching versus community hospitals. In general it really depends on the particular hospital. I've been a travel nurse for awhile so have worked both. I'm kind of in a similiar situation, the last place I worked we presented the patients to the attending md, the pharmacist, the charge nurse, social worker, case mgr, etc.... so you had to know everything. And presenting the patient and being really involved in their care makes your job more enjoyable. The current place I work I'm a little disappointed in how little the nurses seem to know about their patients. The resident presents the patient, the nurse isn't really included or even acknowledged in rounds and's just not as good nursing IMO (and it's a magnet hospital which is funny).
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    That is exactly how I feel! I used to give a report pretty much exactly how you detailed...but now when I do...the nurses just look at me and then cut me what I am saying is not important. They do not even want to know when the patient was admitted to the ICU...I mean if the patient is 1 day post surgery or 6 days post surgery makes a big difference! They do not write down any past medical history, and when it comes time for them to give report...they do not know any of it!

    At my old job we would present the patient in rounds the way you described...but at this new hospital the nurse is not even included in the process. Nurses never know the plan or why things are being is almost like nurses are not supposed to think. Of course this is not true, but this is just how I feel.
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