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I wanted to let you guys know that it's official...I'm a CCRN. All the studying and prep payed off! :) LN... Read More

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    What a success! Congratulations!🎉
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    Congratulations to you!

    I have scheduled to take my CCRN very soon (Feb 6) and I just seem like I'm not prepared enough. It's like no matter how much I study something, I just wind up feeling like I've uncovered miles of uncharted territory. I guess what concerns me is that I've looked at the PASS CCRN book... that thing is useless to me. I don't learn just a bunch of facts and figures in an outline form like that. I have the Laura Gasparis DVD collection but it's so old... I mean the ACLS protocols have changed at least 2-3 times since that video was produced. But what I like is how she explains everything and simplifies it. Makes it easy. I went out and purchased Laura's most recent CCRN Examination Review... but even so, there is nothing covering the new topics listed in the core curriculum (Behavioral for instance)...

    Is anyone in the same boat here? And if so, what are you using to get through?


    St. Louis, MO Area
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    I took it this last early fall . I used pass ccrn cd only book wss to overwheming although a great reference when u r able to get through it slowly. We had a review class locally. It was two days with many different speakers. Laura g is still good. Just saw her in December. My hosp system paid for her to come.

    I also got a review book from the library and read the whole thing and took notes.

    Good luck
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    try to get the cammie House-Francher podcast. She lectures about the changes in core curriculum and she had a portion dedicated to behavioral.
    The Pass CCRN is too detailed, I just used the CD for Q&A

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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