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  1. so i just finished the first 7.5 week of nursing school and passed all 3 classes with B's. The only thing I had left to do to was pass the dosage calculations math test before i can proceed to clinicals. Unfortunately my school used to require students to get 90% on the test with 3 tries. They now require us to get 100% with only 2 tries. I got a 95% both tries so was told that I cannot proceed to clinicals. Of course I cried for 3 days straight and just as I was coming to terms with it and the fact that I would have to do math remediation and be held back a semester I find out from my fellow classmates on the first day of clinicals that there were at least 4 people who had also gotten a 95% on their math tests and were allowed to slide through to clinicals. I was outraged at the nursing office at making exceptions for certain students and not allowing others who were on the same boat to not proceed to clinicals. For 2 days I tried to speak to someone in the nursing office but my calls and emails were ignored so I decided to go up there with 3 other students who had also gotten 95's and were upset that they hadn't made it to clinicals yet exceptions were made for certain students. Nobody would come out and speak to us but we caught the Dean walking down a hallway and spoke to her. She completely denied everything and said she didn't know what we were talking about. I have the names of 4 students who i know for a fact were able to slide through after crying and complaining to certain faculty members. What should i do? Should I just let it go? I am so upset as the nursing faculty is always preachign honesty and integrity to us yet they can't practice it themselves. I am also upset because when I get to start clinicals after re-taking the math test in the fall and hopefully passing I get to choose from whatever clinical sites are left over after the new fall class has chosen theres. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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