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  1. 0 Hi - Anyone have any idea how long the wait list is for WCCCD? I called the school today (nursing dept) and the woman I spoke with was abrupt and wanted nothing to do with answering my questions. She actually gave me the old "thanks and good bye" hang up!!! Also, how difficult is it to get in? I would like to start pre reqs in the summer and wanted to make sure that this is the place I want to do them. Bueller? Bueller?
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    There is no wait list at WCCCD. it is a point system based on grade point, NET/TEAS test and other factors. Don't worry about bing treated like crap when you called the Nursing office. They treat you like that when you are in the program too. They don't do anything to help. Try to find someone in the program and ask them questions. That is your best bet.
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    Thanks, that actually made me laugh. Any advice re:registering for classes online vs in person at wcccd?
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    I just applied the end of February to start this Fall. Like the other poster said, there isn't a wait list, it goes by a point system. We were told when we went to the application meeting February 26th, that we would be notified the end of May to beginning of June. Seems like a long wait. I took my science classes in the classroom and all my other pre and co-req's online. I enjoyed both. Are you going to school there now?
    P.S...Depending which campus you called...they are "not" an over-helpful group there!
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    I am taking my Pre req's right now, and like the others said, it's on a point system. If you take your pre's at WCCCD you will get some extra points. As for the attitude, don't worry, they treat everyone like that.. They know the prog. is oversubscribed so they can afford to treat people like crap. Sad to say, They really don't care.

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