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hey guys i have been reading on here for a while but have never written! i just finished applying for the fall semester and im soooo nervous! i got good points... 3.83 so i got full points there, got... Read More

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    any tips for future candidates on how to make their application stand out? I am going to be applying for the Jan 2013 semester

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    I am so stressed about this letter I just want a yes or no so I can relax a little, good luck to all fall 2012 hopefuls!!
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    So much for hearing something in April
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    letters were sent out yesterday and usps picked the letters up today!!! which means our mailboxes should hold our future within the next couple of days!!!!
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    Wow that's exciting!
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    My mail came today and guess what.................NO letter yet!!!!! Really?????? I live about 20 mins from campus. How can it take more than 3 days to get a letter???? Wonder if the letters REALLY went out or if they just told us that???? They are probably still sitting on someone's desk in the office!! UGH!!!!! Did anybody get one yet????
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    No letter for me either, I hate this waiting game!
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    whoever gets the letter can u let us know please....
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    Still No Letter..... Cant take it anymore!!!!!!
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    Anybody get a letter?????????

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