WCCCD 2013 Nursing Applicants

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    Hello! I plan to apply in June 2012 for Spring 2013. I have to take the A&P2 next semester. Are there anymore 2013 hopefulls???

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    Hi, I missed the spring 2012 pool by just 4pts! I was told to get all A's by the Dean so I have to retake two classes. I recently became A C.N.A so I know that will help also. I will apply in June... Again!
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    I will be applying in June.

    I took ap 1 got a full A the same with bio155. I expect to get a full A in ap 2 this semester. I am planning to take micro this coming semester.

    What was the cutoff for points drea82?
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    I plan on applying then as well. Hopefully everything goes smoothly so I can make it in.
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    Hi, the cut off was around 64.5 and they choose the top 120.
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    I have a 3.6 is this good enough to get in? I am still going to try for Fall 2012
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    Just make sure your whole app is top notch! Your 3.6 is good but they look at everything!
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    what else should I focus on?? like what TEAS score should I try to get? I am going to be taking it there in January
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    I would say try to do your best in the math and eng section. Get the study guide from the bookstore and study everything, it will all be on the test. If you get above 70 that will be good.
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    Hello All,
    I plan to attend the application meeting on May 22nd. Is there anyone else planning to attend?

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