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Hello! I plan to apply in June 2012 for Spring 2013. I have to take the A&P2 next semester. Are there anymore 2013 hopefulls???... Read More

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    No you do not fax anything to the school. When they come in save them and print them, they are going to want them as part of your application packet. Make sure they are dated 30 days within the date of the meeting.
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    I went to the application meeting. Let the waiting begin
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    I combined my essay. do I apply both titles "why I want to be a nurse" and "how I foresee nursing in the future" together?

    I just need to know should I have a cover page for the essay??
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    do I put my student i.d. number at the top of my essay??
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    I had a cover letter, but I don't believe you need one.
    Same as the student ID, it wasn't required to put on your essay, but I did.

    Good luck tomorrow!
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    Thank you. I go for the application meeting on June 1st. I hope I get in!!
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    What is an 'evaluation of advanced standing form'? I did attend another college and I had all my transcripts sent to wayne county however it doesn't show up on webgate

    and I do not have my information meeting verification form. I think I let the instructor keep it at the info meeting
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    When you had your credits transfered, you should have received something in the mail. How long ago did you have your grades transfered? You may need to call to the Downtown campus and have them send you another copy.

    They should have given you an information verification form at the info meeting. It would have been stamped with the date.

    I hate to say this, but you may have to wait until the June 30th application meeting, because you need both of those items.
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    How do I get the information verfication form??
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    I had my grades transferred in March

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