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Hello! I plan to apply in June 2012 for Spring 2013. I have to take the A&P2 next semester. Are there anymore 2013 hopefulls???... Read More

  1. by   I no u c me
    From talking to ppl in my class, I don't think anything has changed. We should be ok
  2. by   I no u c me
    I've also been following the most recent threads.
  3. by   darien
    Hi, I was accepted for the fall 2012, a friend of mine who is a transfer student from HFCC got in with me as well, with that being said, his 3.38 G.P.A got him, in however his teas was excellent 92 reading and 84 math. so your 3.6 is good, that is my G.P.A as well. Good luck!
  4. by   I no u c me
    Congratulations to both you and your friend darien.

    I have a couple questions. I have a 3.8 in my prerequisite classes, so i know I'd get the full 60 point for that. I took 1 class at MCC but the rest were taken at WCCC. Do you know if i get any points for that. What was the point cut off?

    @drea82. I'm nervous that I may go to the wrong campus. Did I hear the lady say the meeting is at 3:00 at the NW campus?
  5. by   drea82
    yup NW campus for all app meetings this year
  6. by   I no u c me
    GR8! Thanks!
  7. by   Kadambari
    About the background check, do I have the results faxed to Wayne county? what do I do with them once my results come in?
  8. by   drea82
    No you do not fax anything to the school. When they come in save them and print them, they are going to want them as part of your application packet. Make sure they are dated 30 days within the date of the meeting.
  9. by   I no u c me
    I went to the application meeting. Let the waiting begin
  10. by   Kadambari
    I combined my essay. do I apply both titles "why I want to be a nurse" and "how I foresee nursing in the future" together?

    I just need to know should I have a cover page for the essay??
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  11. by   Kadambari
    do I put my student i.d. number at the top of my essay??
  12. by   I no u c me
    I had a cover letter, but I don't believe you need one.
    Same as the student ID, it wasn't required to put on your essay, but I did.

    Good luck tomorrow!
  13. by   Kadambari
    Thank you. I go for the application meeting on June 1st. I hope I get in!!

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