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    I am preparing for the TEAS. I bought the books that the nursing program suggest. Are there any other books you found helpful? What was the hardest and easiest part of the test?
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  3. by   jlb9
    Hi there, I used the TEAS book that the ATI website sells. It was really helpful to me. I thought the easiest part was the English/Reading and the hardest was the Science. But that didn't really correspond with the book tests that I took. Everyone's questions are random, so I guess it's possible to get bad luck and get stuck with some 'harder' ones that you might not know as well as others.. I also took the 2 online practice tests on the ATI website and thought that was the MOST helpful! When is your test? Good luck!
  4. by   nitama2rnhopeful
    Thank you. I dont take the test till January but I want to make sure I am well prepared. I was debating on purchasing the online test. Are you in the nursing program now?
  5. by   jlb9
    I would definitely say that was super helpful to me (online tests). Just cuz you kinda get the feel for what the real test is like. This was a yr ago but I assume it's still the same- it gives you a real detailed account of your practice test, and answers, and what you need extra focusing on/what to study more of/why you missed what you missed, etc. I'm not in the program yet- on the waitlist right now..