TEASE vs NET? How Different?

  1. Hello,
    I have been going to school to be an RN and now I have decided to go a different route and get my LPN first, and go for my RN afterwards. I am nervous because I have taken the NET test and passed but the LPN program I am applying to now requires the TEASE. Are the rumors true, is the TEASE alot harder than the NET to pass?

    I do not pride myself on being "good" at math, some of the TEASE practice tests I have found online are really scaring me. Does someone out there have any advice on what I should focus on when studying for the math.. and the other categories as well??????? Pleaase HELP

    Also, can anyone recommend a good website to practice on.. one that is free???

    Thanks for any help you can give!
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  3. by   jennileigh8182
    I don't know anything about the TEASE, but I wanted to toss out a caution about going for your LPN. If you want to work in long-term care, great. However, a lot of hospitals are no longer hiring LPNs. If you've already passed the NET and have the option to go right for your RN, it'd be a better route. You're going to have difficulty in finding a position as an LPN. Some community college programs will let you test for your LPN half-way through their program, and you have the option to exit then, though I don't think many do, and you could then work as an LPN while finishing the RN program, if you can find a position.