Pharmacology in the summer at OCC

  1. Has anyone received their class schedule for pharmacology in the summer for the traditional program? I am still waiting for mine, and wanted to see if anyone else has gotten theirs or if they're still waiting.
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  3. by   kk54321
    I'm still waiting too!
    I'm assuming that we will have them before may 6th since the payment for classes is due that day.
  4. by   kim3207
    I called the nursing office yesterday. They said we should have them by the end of the week. You can check your schedule on line by then if you have not received it in the mail.
  5. by   logique
    I am registered for Pharm - Wednesday 02:30PM - 06:25PM. I am not sure if we will get the info in the mail today, but should be posted in your class schedule online!
  6. by   kk54321
    mine is not up yet. Is there anything else on there or just one day of class a week?
  7. by   kim3207
    logique, I am in the Wednesday 2:30 - 6:30 class as well. Excited to meet everyone and finally get started!!!
  8. by   logique
    ^Awesome! So am I
  9. by   kreaglin100
    Mine's not up yet either.
  10. by   kk54321
    Mondays 11:30-3:30
  11. by   kreaglin100
    I got into the online class, my first choice. Thanks for the suggestions to look it up online, you saved me a couple days of waiting!
  12. by   fullofsm1lez
    I am registered for Tuesdays 9am-12:55pm.
  13. by   kk54321
    has anybody gotten started on the learning activities yet?
  14. by   logique
    I haven't yet - just got the notification that we are supposed to yesterday! I ordered my books (through and syllubus (through OCC) yesterday... Hopefully I will get everything soon so I can start!

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