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  1. Hi all,

    I am a high school senior and a nurse-to-be looking for some advice from some Michigan nurses.

    I applied to both Oakland University and the University of Michigan for nursing and I was accepted by both. At Oakland I was offered full tuition and the direct admit option, whereas at Michigan I would be paying the full hike (I wouldn't qualify for very much financial aid). I like both campuses, but I am attracted to Michigan's nursing program because of its reputation.

    My question: What are the biggest differences between the two programs? Would it be worth paying tens of thousands extra to attend the University of Michigan?

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  3. by   UMNursingStudent
    As a nursing student at U of M I would definitely say that you should come here. The program is very prestigious and with a great hospital right on campus, there is no going wrong. I love it here; the entire college experience is great. I bet OU has a good nursing school, but it's not ranked as high as UMICH; depending on the type of college experience you want--i.e. dorm experience/great diversity/ great programs and events outside of your major...I would say that UMICH is the better choice--not like I'm biased or anything
  4. by   Austrya
    OU has a great nursing program, as does U of M. If it were me, I'd go the OU route only because they're paying your tuition and you'll be direct admit. When everything is said and done, you won't get a job paying any more if you graduate from OU than if you graduated from U of M, but if you went to U of M, you'd have big student loans to pay off at the end.
  5. by   frnzy
    What are your goals? Are you planning on going to school after you get your BSN? Where do you want to work when you're done with school? In theory, you can get the same job and pay if you get your RN from an Associates degree. I'm not suggesting that, I'm only saying that to me, it's about connections and your personal taste.

    If you are going to be the kind of person to "network" and maintain social connections you make in school, and then also profit on those connections by moving somewhere and working in an elite hospital or go into research and write papers or teach, then U of M all the way. $40k+ extra in debt won't make a bit a difference in this scenerio.

    But if you don't plan on enjoying that kind of lifestyle and responsibilities, then direct entry and free BSN through OU is a better choice.

    So do I understand this right that you got accepted to U of M, but not their nursing program (since you have to be a sophamore to get in, right)?

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