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Hey guys, For all the May 2011 cohort, jump on FACEBOOK and join the group titled: "Oakland University Accelerated 2nd Degree Nursing: May 2011". I thought this would be a good way to get to know... Read More

  1. by   ejcl68
    Hi all, I am in the program now and love it. Just to give clarification: You won't start clinical until your second 7 weeks. The first 7 weeks is intense with lecture all day on Friday (9-4:30); Monday (1/2 day). Tuesday(lecture plus lab demo). The middle part of the week is all validations and lab practice. Plan on spending a lot of time at Riverview the first 7 weeks. You will have fundamentals skills and lecture, assessment skills and lecture, and nursing concepts/intro to nursing, etc. It is very doable but prepare yourself for 12-17 hour days every day. This part of the program is specifically designed to test your endurance and ability to multi-task many assignments. Again, if you put in the effort, you will be fine.
  2. by   bronzemint23
    Our schedule over the summer is lectures Monday/Friday, lab times haven't been posted. When do you get your clinical schedule? Do they at least try to help you out by placing you a little more strategically so you're not driving too far? Where are you placed right now?
  3. by   ejcl68
    You won't get your clinical spot until about a month into the program..they do try to place you near your home if possible. The hospitals will vary but beaumont, st. johns, st. joes, are some of the main ones you will see for med-surg rotation. good luck. You guys will love it.
  4. by   ejmuehlm
    I was hoping I would know everything up front at the orientation but thats alright! What happens at orientation anyway, is there a tour, or just all talking? Does that building have a cafeteria so students get breaks, and I heard there was a bookstore...And how is parking? Is it paid parking or a garage???
  5. by   murphyle
    Hi all - Oakland ASDN grad signing on. I graduated a year and change ago, and occasionally come back for volunteer guest talks. Those of you in the program right now probably know me from chest tube procedures.

    (Official disclaimer: I am not an OU faculty member, and OU does not sanction or guarantee any of the information that I or any other provider might be able to give you. Proceed at your own risk!)

    Orientation is about 90% talking with a little blurb of tour added on. You'll be introduced to all your faculty, learn the lab and classroom protocols, get your ID badge, class schedule, directions to access Moodle, syllabi and book buying guides, and so forth. Depending on how they've organized the sequence this semester, they may have you take the TEAS test during the orientation day. Occasionally they'll also have guest speakers, usually 3rd-semester students or recent grads, to help reduce the all-too-common "WTH did I just sign myself up for?" feeling.

    Riverview is a secured campus; you'll get an ID badge at orientation that allows you access to the labs and the parking lot. (Note this is NOT your OU student nurse badge; you'll need to carry both while you're downtown.) There is no food service option on-site, but there is a lunchroom with vending machines, a fridge, microwave and coffee pot. There are also several restaurants within easy distance of the campus (Wendy's, Subway, a couple of coney places, Steve's Soul Food, etc, etc...), and the downtown restaurants are less than a mile away for special occasions. (For example, a handful of my cohort went to Pegasus in Greektown to celebrate passing the head-to-toe physical assessment validation.) Parking is free, in a secured on-site surface lot. There isn't a bookstore on site, but there is a fairly well-stocked nursing library.

    Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer.