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Hello Everyone, Im New Here. Im Looking To See if Anyone Is Attending Or Have Attended Oakland University Riverview? How Was ThProgram? Was It Really Had Getting Accepted? What Was Ur School Shedule?... Read More

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    I Have To Take My Prereqs ASAP and Hopefully I Can Start In The Sept 2013 Program. I Just Wanted To See How Other Ppl Experience Went As Far As Applying To The Program. I'm Nervous and It Seems Like A lot But I'm Ready TO GO

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    May I Asked How You Ladies Were Able To Pay For The Program? Seeing They Dont Accept Financial Aid Which Is Unbelievable.
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    They just started a loan program recently to pay for classes. I just received the flyer a couple of days ago. I work for DMC and I will use their tuition assistance program, where i pay for school and they reimburse me for every class i pass. It took like 2 1/2 weeks from the time i sent it off to get my acceptance letter. You can always take prereqs prior to acceptance though but im sure you will get in though its not really hard. I wish you luck though, maybe we'll be in the same class. If you need any help or have any more questions dont be afraid to ask.
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    Congratulations!! When do you start the program? If you have started the program will you please share your experiences thus far? I plan on attending an informational seminar in January 2013. All the best to you on your journey. Take care.
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    Hello Im currently getting ready to apply to the lpn program at oakland university riverview I wanted to know is it hard to get accepted once you submitt all the required paper work.
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    Hello all, congrats to those who have completed and been accpeted into the LPN program! I recieved my accepttance letter back in the summer time but was unable to take my pre reqs. I have hopes of getting into the Sept 2013 program. Has anyone taken all the pre reqs at the same time. I am going to take an educational leave from work, this is why I want to take them all at once.
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    Hello everyone, I wanted to know how long did it take to get a acceptance letter I just sent in my application on the 29th of January?
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    Hello everyone,

    I was accepted into the program as well!!!! I start in September. So excited!!! It takes approximately 30 days after your confirmation email to receive your letter. Is anyone else starting in September?
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    Do you know if there are still spots open for the Sept. cohert?
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    When we were in class last week the teacher said the September Cohort is pretty much full now. They are now filling spaces for the January 2014 Cohort.

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