Oakland University Accelerated program Fall 2012

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    Hi everyone,
    I wanted to know has anyone been accepted into OU accelerated nursing program for Fall 2012? I am so nervous for the decision, I can't wait for your responses

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    I also applied for Fall 2012 but I have not received anything in the mail yet. I'm thinking sometime this week or next.
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    I applied for fall 2012 and I got my acceptance letter today!!!! I can't wait to meet all the others. Good Luck!
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    I posted before I got my mail. I was also accepted into the program. Can't wait to meet everyone!!!
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    I got my acceptance letter today too!!
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    Yay I got mine too , soo excited to start
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    Ru guys done with pre-reqs ?? Have u heard anything about them ??
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    I'm taking patho right now. Pharm,informatics, psych 225 next semester. How about u? I want to start a facebook page to find more classmates. I heard other cohorts found them useful.
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    Yea we should start a FB, I will be taking Patho, informatics and pharm online next semester. Who do you have for Patho? have you heard anything bad or good about any prof.
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    Do you know if they accept patho from any other schools?

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