Oakland University Accelerated program Fall 2012

  1. Hi everyone,
    I wanted to know has anyone been accepted into OU accelerated nursing program for Fall 2012? I am so nervous for the decision, I can't wait for your responses
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  3. by   STGURL
    I also applied for Fall 2012 but I have not received anything in the mail yet. I'm thinking sometime this week or next.
  4. by   amylynnx
    I applied for fall 2012 and I got my acceptance letter today!!!! I can't wait to meet all the others. Good Luck!
  5. by   STGURL
    I posted before I got my mail. I was also accepted into the program. Can't wait to meet everyone!!!
  6. by   IndyElmer
    I got my acceptance letter today too!!
  7. by   scorpion1102
    Yay I got mine too , soo excited to start
  8. by   scorpion1102
    Ru guys done with pre-reqs ?? Have u heard anything about them ??
  9. by   STGURL
    I'm taking patho right now. Pharm,informatics, psych 225 next semester. How about u? I want to start a facebook page to find more classmates. I heard other cohorts found them useful.
  10. by   scorpion1102
    Yea we should start a FB, I will be taking Patho, informatics and pharm online next semester. Who do you have for Patho? have you heard anything bad or good about any prof.
  11. by   scorpion1102
    Do you know if they accept patho from any other schools?
  12. by   STGURL
    I'm sure they do take it from other schools. I haven't heard anything about any professors other than what's on rate my professor. My patho is a typical online class read chapter take quizzes.
  13. by   IndyElmer
    I've started a FB group for the fall 2012 cohort.
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  14. by   IndyElmer
    As for patho, if you join the FB group and post there, I will respond to you with a PM about my experience.

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