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Hi Everyone. For the past 2 years I have watched this board, trying to gain knowledge on the admission process for OU. Finally, in one month, I will have completed all my pre-reqs, and will submit my final grades, in order to... Read More

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    hey I was accepted also. Cant find the FB group though.

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    Hi everyone, congrats!! I have also been accepted to the Summer 2013 cohort, I am unbelievably happy and excited! I have also tried searching for the FB group, like everyone else has said nothing comes up. I hope to find it soon, very excited to start this program with you all!
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    search Oakland University Nursing Accelerated BSN and the May 2013 group should populate.
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    Is there any way that someone who can find the group can join the WINTER 2013 group and post the link to the MAY 2013 group there. For some reason a lot of us are having trouble finding the facebook group, even when using those key words. I am assuming it is an error within the facebook search system, and not us inputting the information incorrectly.

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