Nursing at Baker College

  1. hi,
    i wanted to know what does the extrance exam for the nursing program consist of. what is it called? what is the name of the study book that i can purchase to study from. i would appreicate any help that anyone can offer, that is attending baker college, majoring in nursing.
    thank you in advance,
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  3. by   P B and J
    Hi Honeybumps, If all the Baker campuses are the same (I think they are) then I can help you out a little, as I took my entrance exam today.

    I'm at the Cadillac campus, and the entrance exam is the Kaplan. The Baker bookstore sells the study guide for about $20, it's the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exams 4th Edition Study Guide.

    My exam consisted of 4 sections: 22 reading questions, 28 math, 21 writing, and 20 A&P/science.

    Anything else I can help with just let me know!
  4. by   honeybumps
    Hi P B and J,

    Thank you for your reply. What exactly does the writing portion consist of? Is the math portion basic math? How much time do you have to complete the test?


  5. by   P B and J
    I think it was about 45 minutes for each section. The Math is very basic and straight forward: decimals, fractions, percents, and a few algebra questions. Reading was simply answering questions about a story: what was the main idea, which example could be an outline for the story, etc. A&P is more in depth than I was prepared for; instead of systems, labeling, etc., it was more functions, fluids, and cellular stuff. The writing portion was ridiculous, and frustrating in my opinion. There will be a story and then for the question several possibilities: Which (numbered) sentence is redundant and can be removed; Where would the best place be for the following paragraph to be inserted into the story: after para 1, 2, 5.... ; etc.

    I read a thread somewhere on here yesterday (after my test ) that gives much more specific examples from the test, that may be helpful as well. Try a search for Kaplan, or Baker Kaplan.

    Best of luck to you
  6. by   P B and J
    Found my list It is 45 min per section with the exception of A&P, that portion allows 30 mins. Total is 91 questions in 2 hr 45 min.
  7. by   Dmccollum
    @PB and J, what is the avg score at your campus?
  8. by   P B and J
    Supposedly 70's is average, but we were never told an average score...
  9. by   ang829
    What is the best way to study for the Kaplan? I've heard that the Kaplan study guide book is not very helpful... :/ I will be taking the test at Baker Flint 2 months so I want to start preparing as soon as possible. Any studying tips/suggestions are appreciated. Thank you